Tips To Protect Your Feet And Keep Them Healthy

Posted on: 18 June 2019

Your feet need to be cared for properly, in order to protect them from injuries, fungus, and infections. All of these things can happen if you aren't careful, and can put a damper in your everyday life if you develop any of these issues. Read on for tips to protect your feet and to help keep them healthy.

Keep Feet Clean And Dry

Your feet should be kept clean and dry. If you have sweaty feet, wear breathable socks and shoes to help wick sweat away from your feet. If your feet stay wet, you could wind up with foot fungus. You could also end up with blisters from your moist feet rubbing in your shoes and socks. Breathable footwear will help prevent this from occurring, as can washing your feet after working out or sweating. Be sure to dry in between your toes before putting clean socks on your feet.

Keep Nails Trimmed Properly

Trim your nails properly with clean nail clippers. Don't share nail clippers with others and clean them using rubbing alcohol. When trimming your nails, trim them straight across. Trimming them at an angle will only result in ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails can be painful and can get infected if you don't have them taken care of. If you end up with an ingrown toenail, don't attempt to clip the ingrown nail out yourself. Seek treatment from a podiatrist to ensure it is treated properly and heals without further injury or infection.

Keep Your Feet Protected

Keep your feet protected when out in public. You can easily pick up germs and bacteria on your feet when you're in public places. Always wear shoes on your feet when in public places where bacteria may be. Never go anywhere barefoot when in public. Also protect your feet by skipping out on wearing flip flops, which leave your feet not only exposed to bacteria and natural elements, but open to injuries.

Keep An Eye Out For Problems

Keep an eye on your feet for any issues such as cuts or sores that aren't healing, swelling or redness, peeling skin - especially around the toes, or pain anywhere in your feet. If you notice any issues with your feet, seek treatment from a podiatrist. Don't let issues go, or they could worsen, leaving you in pain or with an infection that takes time to heal. 

Protect your feet by using the tips above. Make an appointment with a foot doctor if you have any foot issues.