Why Professional Diabetic Foot Care Is Important

Posted on: 19 December 2018

When you have diabetes, taking care of your feet is vital to your overall health. If you struggle to reach your feet, it becomes even more important to have a podiatrist check your feet on a regular basis. While anyone who does not have the ability to take good care of their feet should see a podiatrist, it is important for diabetics for several reasons. Circulation tends to be poor in the feet for those with diabetes, and this makes healing from a cut more difficult. When neuropathy is present, it becomes harder to feel the feet and know when a problem exists.

Avoid Unnecessary Complications With Your Feet

Any type of cut or foot issue, such as athlete's foot, can cause serious problems for a person with diabetes. If the cut or athlete's foot is not noticed for awhile and becomes infected, a person with diabetes is at a higher risk of losing a toe or more. Infections can become out of control, especially when your circulation is poor, or your blood sugar levels are out of control. Regular visits to podiatry clinics can help avoid unnecessary complications with your feet, because your feet will be carefully inspected each visit.

Keep Your Mobility Intact

If you have foot pain for any reason, this is going to impact your mobility. When you are diabetic, keeping an exercise routine and remaining mobile is essential to your overall health. When you have a cut on your foot that won't heal, your gait is going to be impacted. If it hurts to walk, you will begin to use compensatory strategies in order to continue to ambulate. Over time, this is going to lead to problems with your feet, ankles, knees, and hips. Any injuries to your feet should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid prolonged muscle guarding.

Find Therapeutic Interventions to Improve Mobility and Decrease Pain

When you visit with a podiatrist, you can have the structure of your feet assessed. Your podiatrist may be able to suggest orthotics to place into your existing shoes. You may benefit from ordering specialized shoes that support your feet and reduce pain when you walk. 

When you can stay active, you are going to feel better. For people with diabetes, routine foot care can help you avoid complications with your health. If you are struggling to walk without pain, it's time to have your feet checked for any issues.