3 Tips For Dealing With Sweaty Feet

Posted on: 20 October 2017

Having sweaty feet, especially when it is hot is a normal problem even if it makes you uncomfortable. For some people, it does not matter the time of year, their feet are excessively sweaty and often anxiety can make the problem worse. If sweaty feet are more than the occasional nuisance problem, there are ways you can minimize sweat production and odor.

Change Your Hygiene Routine

Consider using antibacterial soap to wash your feet, this can reduce the amount of odor-causing bacteria waiting to cause foot odor. Make sure you take the time to dry your feet thoroughly after washing. You may want to dry your feet with a towel or paper towel before you dry the rest of your body so your feet have extra time to continue air drying. Avoid lotion or other moisturizers whenever possible, because they can cause you to sweat more. There are various products on the market aimed at reducing foot moisture. You might want to try powders which are designed to keep your feet dry. As an alternative, antiperspirant can be used on your feet and may work well. Antiperspirant sprays are a better option because it is easier to spray between your toes and the bottom of your feet.

Wear The Right Shoes

Your shoes should be the right size to give your feet adequate room to breathe, which can reduce sweating. Try to wear sneakers or other shoes made from similar materials whenever possible because the material allows better air circulation. Not only can the material of your shoes help keep your feet cooler and less sweaty, when the material is breathable they are less likely to remain damp and develop an odor. Wear cotton socks whenever possible and use shoe inserts that absorb and eliminate odor, which can also help keep your feet dry. At the end of the day, always take your shoes off and give them the opportunity to dry. You may need to stuff your shoes with paper towels or use a hair dryer on a low setting to be certain the inside dries between wears.

Consider Botox

For some people, sweaty feet are a major problem and common solutions do little to help. Consider speaking with your doctor about botulism injections which can be used to reduce the amount of sweat your feet produce. Generally, you will see some difference with a single treatment, but you will need regular maintenance to keep your feet dry. Some people even notice the treatments tend to be more effective after multiple sessions. You can use this medical treatment in combination with at-home treatments if botulism injections do not adequately solve your problem. Since the treatment is not permanent, there is always the risk they may stop working.

Although sweaty feet are a common problem, the issue can be frustrating if you are constantly concerned with hiding your feet and the potential for odor. Often a few simple, but consistent changes to caring for your feet can make a significant difference. Contact a clinic, like Advanced Foot Clinic, for more help.