Bunions Leaving You In Constant Pain? What You Should Do

Posted on: 10 March 2021

A bunion is a foot condition where your toes squish together and the bone in the base of the big toe begins to protrude, forcing the big toe into your other toes. The bone that sticks out can rub on your shoes, leaving you in pain with every step you take. If you have a bunion causing you pain, there are things that can be done to treat your bunion. Read on for a few tips to help treat your bunion at home.

Wear Supportive Shoes

Wearing supportive shoes can help to treat your bunion. If the shoes you are wearing are too tight, which is what may have caused your bunion in the first place, you can change your shoes to something that is a better fit for you. Look for a wider shoe if other shoes are too narrow. Your shoes should afford you enough room for your toes to wiggle and for your feet to have some movement but not too much that your feet slide in your shoes and cause blisters.

Use Kinesiology Tape

If you have a bunion, using kinesiology tape may be helpful in pulling your toe back into position while also using some pressure to alleviate the pain from the bunion. Taping your toes and your bunion should be done in a specific way in order to prevent further pain to your feet and to prevent another issue. Using a band on your toe to pull it back into place can also be helpful. 

Limit Your Heel Height

If you are someone that wears very high heels, this may be the reason for your bunions. The pressure from having your foot so far forward may be leaving you with a bunion and squished toes. Limit the height of your heels and don't wear anything over 2 inches. Anything higher can cause a lot of foot issues, such as strained ligaments in your toes, falling arches, or even Achilles problems.

Go To The Podiatrist

If you have a bunion and you aren't able to treat it yourself with the tips above, or you have severe pain from your bunion, seek help from a professional podiatrist to have your bunion treated properly. Your bunion may require surgery to have it removed and to have the toe moved back into place.

Bunions can leave you in a lot of pain every single day. Seek medical attention for your bunion from a podiatrist. Don't wait until you aren't able to walk; get treatment for this condition.

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